Change Management

Don’t manage change, change all the time. Shake your mojo!

Life does not like plans. Why bother? If you are constantly in the state of persuading, convincing and battling for “change” in your organization, when are you growing (and changing)? Change management should not be a project, but rather an integral part of how your team thinks and behaves. Do you have a learning culture? Are you organized to “learn to fail” or “fail to learn”?

PracticalSpeak™ helps you develop an organization that learns with every action. An organization that does not wait for forced change but embraces daily change. PracticalSpeak™ helps your teams to become comfortable with the idea of something new all the time and shun complacency that comes with success. Help your team innovate continually and create long-lasting advantage!

PracticalSpeak™ Change Management engagement

Understanding the “Why”

Recognize your pursuit, unique mission, and intrinsic motivation.

Understanding the “Past”

Appreciate what got you to your current point and your foundational learnings.

3 Principles of Change

Understand the 3 principles of change and how to use them to your benefit.

Develop your “Forever Change System”

A guide for inspiring the innovation spirit within your organization.

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