Consulting Services Overview

PracticalSpeak™ Consulting Services

Pankaj is the founder and principal consultant at PracticalSpeak™. PracticalSpeak™ consulting services help companies develop breakthrough strategic plans, unleash the potential of teams, and succeed by employing practical methods developed over 20 years of building and growing businesses. He has helped companies across Backup, Storage, Security, Identity, Education, FinTech, Responsible Beauty and Marketplaces develop go-to-market strategy, drive growth, raise money, get acquired and go public. His global expertise has helped companies in US, Europe, Africa, and India accelerate to their next phase of growth.

How PracticalSpeak™ Can Help Your Organization

Strategy Development

Help develop practical strategy mapping the path to your vision.  Unleashing the power of storytelling, positioning and leadership through holistic understanding of customers, competition, and self.

Unlocking Growth

Help accelerate your growth to the next phase. Understand the power of the right questions at that right time to move you seamlessly to the next stage of growth.

Executive and Team Coaching

Help visualize and harness the power within you and your teams. Develop emerging leaders, build growth mindset and trust.

Change Management

Help build a learning organization to discover the unknown, innovate continually and create long-lasting advantage.

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