Executive and Team Coaching

Elevate the leader within you. Tap your inner mojo!

Leadership is about others. How connected are you to the ones you lead? How well do you understand their intrinsic motivators and how well do you relate to them? Are your actions consistent with your purpose? Do you struggle between being decisive and being confused by your thoughts? Do you struggle between being a “know-all” leader and your personal lack of knowledge of certain things?

Leadership is not “one-size-fits-all”. You are your own kind of leader and that is perfectly awesome! Visualize and harness the power within you and your teams. Build an army of leaders with growth mindset and trustworthy relationships.

PracticalSpeak™ helps you discover your personal “Leader Mode”. It helps you understand what your style of leadership is and how to maximize its effectiveness. It does not prescribe someone else’s style or “train” you to become someone you are not. It is a personal discovery process to ensure you are true to your beliefs and your actions reflect an honestly that inspires others. PracticalSpeak™ helps your teams and other team members to discover their leadership hurdles, because you know, leaders are found everywhere in the organization!

PracticalSpeak™ Coaching process (Adapted for individuals and teams)

Discovering your belief system

You are the sum of all your experiences. What have those experiences led you to believe?

Identifying your aspirations and drive

Dreams can be nebulous. Aspirations, however, lead you to act. Let’s figure out what gets you moving!

Sharpening your personal brand

How do others introduce you? Is that something you want to reinforce or alter? How do you do that?

Amplifying your “Leader-Mode”:

Let’s describe your authentic leadership method and inspire others!

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