Creating big value starts with small steps and the courage to embrace failure.

Pankaj "Rony" Srivastava
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How I Can Help Your Organization

Strategy Development

Help develop practical strategy mapping the path to your vision.  Unleashing the power of storytelling, positioning and leadership through holistic understanding of customers, competition, and self.

Unlocking Growth

Help accelerate your growth to the next phase. Understand the power of the right questions at that right time to move you seamlessly to the next stage of growth.

Executive and Team Coaching

Help visualize and harness the power within you and your teams. Develop emerging leaders, build growth mindset and trust.

Change Management

Help build a learning organization to discover the unknown, innovate continually and create long-lasting advantage.

Why PracticalSpeak™?

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What inspires me most about Pankaj are his commitment to listen to others, his willingness to learn from every experience, and his conviction to collaborate in finding solutions to tough problems.

Bill Kerrigan

EVP; Founder / McAfee; TrustedSite

Over my career as CMO and CEO, I have come to respect people that are thoughtful, creative, inventive, and results oriented. Pankaj is exactly that person. 

Larry McIntosh

Former CEO; VP, Advertising & Branding / ID Analytics; Pepsi-International, Frito Lay

Through his mentorship and by actively providing us with tangible tools and resources, we are creating a more sustainable and practical strategy for growing our organization.

Nathasia Muwanigwa & Nataša Lazarević

Co-founders Visibility STEM Africa

He was brave enough to question the fundamental assumptions of internet commerce and lead the charge for taking a hard look at personal privacy. He called for the creation of new category of digital commerce: Total Privacy.

Mark Williams

Founder & CEO / Mortar Agency

Throughout his highly successful career, Pankaj has demonstrated that rare combination of being both a visionary and a skilled technician. His ability to motivate cross-functional team members to execute on a strategic path, is second to none. 

Brent Lymer

Founder & CEO / Eye Digress Consulting

His knowledge, leadership, vision and his extraordinary ability to communicate a complicated vision into a believable message were critical to our success. 

Jerry Thompson

Founder, CEO; EVP / White Sky; Aura Company

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