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Pankaj "Rony" Srivastava

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The first things about lessons is that they need to drive action. It’s not a lesson if it does not lead to action. Action is what makes things stick. When we go through work and life, we need to become aware of our actions and what led to those. The intersection between our action and the force that drove it lies the “practical lesson”. If we hone in our ability to recognize these intersections, we will develop an internal “knowledge-hub”, a treasure trove of lessons that becomes the core of our instincts that can be easily summoned when we need it.

We all learn. Then we forget.

We learn in classroom settings, through our life experiences, at our daily jobs and through the experiences of others. We get trained in frameworks, memorize theories and concepts. And of course, there are the checklists from experts on what “steps” to take given different situations.  Then, we forget.

Our learning becomes mechanical.

In most cases, our learning becomes mechanical — either memorizing concepts we don’t know when we will use or through a variety of checklists. Very often when the time comes where we could use those theories and frameworks, we don’t really remember them. In some cases, we don’t even remember that there was a theory learnt! 

We need to get things done and done fast.

So, what do we do? We still try and solve the problem we face and overcome the challenge ahead of us. But very often, we attempt this without the benefit of our own past knowledge. We are under time constraints, peer competition and managerial oversight.

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